Sounds like a silly question, right? But drinking water correctly could be the key to keeping you hydrated, energised and headache free.

For some, drinking two litres of water a day is almost impossible! You forget to drink and then try to make up for it by drinking large volumes of water too quickly. The end result is a bloated stomach and frequent visits to the toilet.

Does this sound like you? How Botell can help…

  • If you do not drink, your thirst mechanism kicks in you and are probably already dehydrated. Botell will remind you to drink small sips regularly keeping your body at its optimum hydration level.
  • You may not feel thirsty so by sipping when reminded, Botell stops your from gulping.
  • Your 2 litre drink target is no longer a chore. As you start using Botell and your hydration levels increase, you will feel great.
  • The healthiest hydration habit is to drink smaller amounts more frequently. By drinking small amounts, your body has a chance to absorb the water properly.

Always listen to your body and remember some people need more water than others. Choose a daily drink target that is in-line with your height and build and then adjust to suit your body and activity levels.


Happy Hydrating 🙂